Veza Maria Fernandez

Associated arstist

19:30 Uhr

nadaLokal associated artist Veza Maria Fernandez
presents „Pressures of the heart“
with Christina Maria Lederhaas.

(STATUS QUO nadaLOKAL or our screaming piece in a room closer to you)

Pressures of the Heart is screaming until we reach a state in which reality moves and is moved. read more >>>

Elizabeth Ward

Associated arstist

19:00 Uhr

nadaLokal associated artist Elizabeth Ward
presents „Seeing things through“
with Fabian Faltin

Shook by summer events she found herself divided
between here and there
then and now
While in Precaria she asked herself:
Is there something to be found in staying lost?
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Reindorfgassenfest 2017


nadaproductions + smallforms
15 & 16 SEPTEMBER 18 bis 21 Uhr

Photos & Gemälde von:

Amanda Piña
Magdalena Chowaniec
Daniel Zimmermann
Gustavo Petek

Veronika Zott

Associated artist
August 2017

Zweiter Tag:
Die erste Besucherin zu “Herbarium for plants and movement” presentation, eine Gottesanbeterin.

Ribidjunga & Caetano

29.06.17 – 19:30 Uhr

Two faithful beings navigate in and out a time of Solar Capitalism.
They search for enclaves beyond the blinding rays of petrochemical surfaces and money.

Special thanks to Cecilia Lisa Eliceche.

Yoan Sorin

28.06.17 – 19:30 Uhr

Tamarraw is an experimentation.
It’s not a performance
It’s not an action
It’s not an exhibition
It’s not a promise
It’s just something between me and you


retrospective 11.16-05.17

m. fischer / j. castro pinto / c. hausch / b. loibner
daniel lercher
cristian carracedo * visual music by conny zenk
küchen & müntzing scheibenhonig
duo albrecht/damijan
canned fit
vinzenz schwab / philip leitner

Fotos by gustavo petek

supported by

A late night Rendez Vous with Ricardo Rubio and Robert Steijn

Friday 24 of february 22h30


Saturday 25 of february 10h30- 17h

Since three years Robert Steijn works intensively with the choreographer Ricardo Rubio in Mexico. They are sparring partners in their quest to investigate the dancing body from a spiritual perspective as it has been developed in Latin America. Now they are in nadalokal to continue their research for a week. Lately they are working on what they call the Saliva Project, a celebration of body fluids. The evening is an intimate and informal sharing of this research and practice. read more >>>

Michael Turinsky

Second Skin – MC


Ausgehend vom Motiv der Maske als „Fetisch“ im erweiterten Sinn des Wortes, entfaltet „Second Skin – Master of Ceremony“ die affektive Dynamik spezifischer Blickregime in ihrem Verhältnis zu Begehren und Aversion, Aneignung und Distanzierung, Inkorporation und Austreibung, Zuwendung und Abwendung, Anerkennung und Verdinglichung, Unterwerfung und Ermächtigung. Klang und Bild in ihrem Spannungs- und Resonanzverhältnis zueinander erweisen sich dabei als die grundlegenden Medien der Aushandlung von Eigenem und Fremden.

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nadaLokal 2009-2016

8.11. Tuesday (Closing party)

Fanni Futterknecht: ACROSS THE WHITE

In Across the White Fanni Futterknecht focuses on the colour white; referring to colour in painting but also in a metaphorical sense to point out references to the context of the white cube. White symbolizes the space of emptiness giving space to the imaginary and create possibility for the non-existing to start to exist. The starting point of this confrontation was a substantial stay in Shanghai China and the artist’s interest with the art figures of the Chinese opera. Harmony between the human and nature has been a fundamental thought within Chinese culture and can also be found in the narrated motives of the performing arts. read more >>>