Practices of care in public space.
The urban, the earth, the atmosphere and the “local Heimat of Gaia”.

A four days event organized by nadaLokal and curated by Amanda Piña and Veza Maria Fernandez, created collectively upon an idea by Susana Ojeda with Lucia Elena Prusa, Denise Palmieri, Vanessa Medina and Sattva Giacosa

7-10 of October 2020

Artists share their practices within the Rudolfheim-Fünfhaus’ community, by presenting a series of site specific pieces around the following questions: read more >>>



Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4Th October 10:00-20:00

The conference rA/Upture: xenofuturities_specters_anachrony will take place on October 3rd and 4th 2020 at nadalokal in 1150 Vienna with 18 collectives, artists, thinkers, writers and theoreticians from middle and eastern Europe.

The event was originally conceived as part of an accompanying program of the exhibition: “Leaning on the Past, Working for the Future” which would have taken place at the Kunsthalle Exnergasse in June 2020 but was then, due to covid-19, adequated to an online-only presence. This exhibition was organised in the framework of the OFF-Biennale Budapest 2020. read more >>>

Artist in residence



During the Month of September we are horoured to host artist composer raper, etc, from the lower hoods of Buenos Aires Tomas Montangero. Tomás started in Hiphop through freestyle and improvisation in parks and urban squares in his home town Buenos Aires, he is a writer and a poet a techno dj and a latino beater. His lyrics are songs of discontent in reference to South American socio political issues of vulnerability and dispossession. Ab hier einfach der Text, usw…. read more >>>

Healing Dances


Mzamo Nondlwana a queer non-binary performing artist born in Johannes burg, South Africa based in Vienna. Their work focuses on marginalized bodies and invisible knowledge. Using their body as a tool re-imagine an alternative narrative from being an object of desire to being the subject. An act of empowerment and self determination. 2006 they started their formal training as a dancer at Moving into dance Maphatong (South Africa). In 2009 they moved to Salzburg where they completed their formal dance education at SEAD in contemporary dance and choreography. Professionally they have worked with Michikazu Matsume in Picnic with old masters (Somerszene Salzburg,2013), Doris Uhlich for ´More than naked´(Somerszene Salzburg,2014), Magdalena Chowaniec in ´SANCTUARY´(Premier WUK,2014) read more >>>

Alalazo- A research on the body of the female voice


Veza’s artistic research explores the poetic, choreographic and political function of what brings together voices viscerally. She challenges the dominance of a beyond that is only one, using polyphony as a gathering, negotiating tool and queering tactic.

Alalazo is a visceral study on the strident1 Femin*ine voice that-has-to-come-out as a force. It is one of the polyphonic dance-voice-sound scapes, I am developing in the framework of my research of the messy polyphonic, which is a choreographic form of gathering, dialoguing in voluminous unity in dance and sound, queering conventions in expression. read more >>>

Karin Pauer- Planet body


11-February 26-November, Showing 9 November in the frame of Reclaim! 2019

PLANET BODY and „The Score“ Planet body bis a Soloproject by performer and choreographer Karin Pauer in which she embodies Planet Earth.

By anthropomorphizing and embodying the Planet, our anthropocentric perspective is challenged and adopted as a tool and catalyst for generating empathy and care for our Planet. read more >>>

Elizabeth Ward- Dancing’s Demons


16-December 14-February, 2019

„Dance shares with speculative fiction a serious flirtation with history made flesh, made world through invention and structural mutation. Arising from a beautifully wounded present in search of something else, somewhere else, not utopia, and yet.” — Jenn Joy

Dancing’s Demons befasst sich mit den komplexen politischen (Geister-)Geschichten des frühen Modern Dance und spürt deren Auswirkungen bis in die Gegenwart nach. read more >>>



Rehearsals from October 14-December 14, 2019

Lau Lukarilla creates a piece that dances with Nyx, the Greek goddess of the night, child of Chaos, Mother of Day, Light, Sleep and Death. I study her forms of protection and destruction, with her eyes I look for a lost and disjointed internal sense of an erotic power in a solo dance piece for the night of the present day. I work to wake up from and with the algorithm, to generate subterranean kin; to play with swollen cognitive skills; to move with the a new materiality of lust on the dance floor. Energetic streams woken through Socratic fucking, flirting, squirting; I imagine a hearty arousal of the m- Other herself, Nyx, the goddess of the night, who brings the darkness in the hem of her drape. Nyxxx, will premiere at Brut Wien 14 & 15 in Marz 2020

Practices of care in public space.
The urban, the earth, the atmosphere and the “local Heimat of Gaia”.

A four days event organized by nadaLokal and curated by Amanda Piña and Veza Maria Fernandez.

7-10 of November 2019

Artists share their practices with the Rudolfheim-Fünfhaus’ community by presenting a series of site specific pieces around the following questions:
Is it possible to feel rooted in a place where you have not been born? Can we collectively reclaim the soil, the urban earth under our feet and the atmosphere we breath as ways of rooting and caring for the ancient life-producing and maintaining technology of earth? read more >>>



November, 1st, 8pm

von und zwischen Christina Lederhaas und Veza Fernandez

Zwischen Rastlosigkeit und Lethargie fühlen wir diesen Hunger
wir kommen uns nah bis wir uns vollständig aufgegessen haben
in der Unruhe der unerträglichen Nähe
bis wir gemeinsam endlos werden
wie unüblich read more >>>