Healing Dances


Mzamo Nondlwana a queer non-binary performing artist born in Johannes burg, South Africa based in Vienna. Their work focuses on marginalized bodies and invisible knowledge. Using their body as a tool re-imagine an alternative narrative from being an object of desire to being the subject. An act of empowerment and self determination. 2006 they started their formal training as a dancer at Moving into dance Maphatong (South Africa). In 2009 they moved to Salzburg where they completed their formal dance education at SEAD in contemporary dance and choreography. Professionally they have worked with Michikazu Matsume in Picnic with old masters (Somerszene Salzburg,2013), Doris Uhlich for ´More than naked´(Somerszene Salzburg,2014), Magdalena Chowaniec in ´SANCTUARY´(Premier WUK,2014) and Needcompany for Needlapb at the (Hersbt festival Graz 2014). In 2017 they worked with Micheal Turinsky for ‘My body, your pleasure’ which toured Switzerland during the IntegrART festival and 2018 ‘Reverbaration’, which was presented at Tanzquartier Halle G, Vienna. Personal work and collaboration: ‘Alley of his majesty…Black Swan´ ( Ostertanztage 2013 and the Monopoly festival Croatia, 2014). We can have so much fun mum…Mum what you say? (Salzburg, Ostertanztage, 2015. IN THE CLOUDS WITH THE SEA OF SOUNDS (Künstlerhaus Salzburg, 2015). In 2018 they presented a works ‘Songs’ in Sevilla at the Festival Internacional Arte y Diversidad Sevilla Escena Mobile, ‘My Garden Flourishes with Flowers’ at the Rakete festival hosted by Tanzquartier, Vienna. Awards: in June 2018 Kültüř Gemma scholarship. 2017 they were a scholarship recipient for DanceWEB program by ImPulsTanz as well as the BKA Start Stipedium. In 2016 they were awarded the Türbo residency for their solo work ‘My Garden Flourishes with Flowers’. They are also one half of a dj collective Bicha Boo. Bicha Boo Collective is an audio-visual performative collective formed mainly by Pêdra Costa and Mzamo Jama, playing tracks made by Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, focusing on women, trans* and queer artists, making you shake your asses since 2017.

Alalazo- A research on the body of the female voice


Veza’s artistic research explores the poetic, choreographic and political function of what brings together voices viscerally. She challenges the dominance of a beyond that is only one, using polyphony as a gathering, negotiating tool and queering tactic.

Alalazo is a visceral study on the strident1 Femin*ine voice that-has-to-come-out as a force. It is one of the polyphonic dance-voice-sound scapes, I am developing in the framework of my research of the messy polyphonic, which is a choreographic form of gathering, dialoguing in voluminous unity in dance and sound, queering conventions in expression.

Alazo is the wish to celebrate shamelessly the most sentient voice, revolting against a patriarchal merely human understanding of what sounds good or bad, is natural or artificial, human or animal; dissolving binaries and hierarchies; propelling the visceral force. Exploring the revolting edges of an active sonic-sentient scape through the dance between three strident powerful voices from the depths of the entrails. These are the vocal, the physical and the electronic music voice from the core.

Veza Fernández (1986) is a dance, voice and performance artist interested in the political and poetic potential of the eclectic-expressive, navigating different genres, formats, institutional and underground scenes. She is a queer feminist artist who works with many voices that form a unity in a sensual togetherness that encourages difference in care. She works with extreme vocal and physical states that challenge what is considered the norm, beautiful, etc. She studied English and Spanish Philology and used to be a high school teacher until she could afford a living from making and performing. Additionally she is an actress, a stand-up comedian, a singer, a poet and a party lover. Her solo piece “Calamocos or my grandmother was a poet who could not write” was awarded with the Best OFF Styria audience prize in 2014. She was awarded with the danceWEB scholarship (ImpulsTanz Vienna) in 2015 and in 2016 with the Stadt Graz Outstanding Artist Award.

Karin Pauer- Planet body


11-February 26-November, Showing 9 November in the frame of Reclaim! 2019

PLANET BODY and „The Score“ Planet body bis a Soloproject by performer and choreographer Karin Pauer in which she embodies Planet Earth.

By anthropomorphizing and embodying the Planet, our anthropocentric perspective is challenged and adopted as a tool and catalyst for generating empathy and care for our Planet.

In the context of capitalist driven exploitation and the destruction of planetary resources, the performing body in this work becomes a fearless, labouring, tireless and resisting body which offers a notion of a contemporary ritual as antidote. Establishing a relationship between the supposed Planet/ performer and spectators/ humanity, PLANET BODY is offering a perspective that suggest ethics of care, equity and reciprocity as a possible direction for a future ecosystem, which still includes us humans.

In the space between language and movement, bodily expression and knowledge, the artist creates a multitude of ‚body parables‘, which seek to collapse distinctions between nature and culture, mind and body.

‚the score‘ produces a relational field of interaction and experiences. It asks what kind of movement we want to undertake as a society together. As itasks what kinds of relationships we want to establish.

#adancefortheanthropocene #collaborativesurvival #symbioticplanet #planetaryempathy #onfire #contemplativerebellion #wearetheweather #iamtheplanet

Karin Pauer is a Vienna based performer and choreographer. In 2008 she received her BA in Choreography at the ArtEZ – Insitute of Arts in Arnhem/ The Netherlands.
She has since collaborated in various intenational settings with choreographers, theatre directors, filmmakers and visual artists such as Liquid Loft/ Chris Haring, Davis Freeman/ Random Scream, Yun Jung Kim, Mike O’Connor, Maureen Kaegi, Aldo Giannotti, Nicola von Leffern and Veronika Franz. Since 2015 she has continuously worked with the Austria based dance company Liquid Loft. She was a recipient of the danceWEB scholarship in 2009 and the TURBO Residency in 2012, both at ImPulsTanz, Vienna.
In 2018 she was granted the BKA START Scholarship. After touring throughout europe with the company Liquid Loft she has recently turned to developing her own works. Her performance-serie ‚ten hundred thousand years of movement‘ was presented at ImPulsTanz, Vienna, Tanzquartier Wien and Tanztage Salzburg. Her latest work, a collaboration with visual artist Aldo Giannotti was presented at Donaufestival/ Krems 2019. ​

Elizabeth Ward- Dancing’s Demons


16-December 14-February, 2019

„Dance shares with speculative fiction a serious flirtation with history made flesh, made world through invention and structural mutation. Arising from a beautifully wounded present in search of something else, somewhere else, not utopia, and yet.” — Jenn Joy

Dancing’s Demons befasst sich mit den komplexen politischen (Geister-)Geschichten des frühen Modern Dance und spürt deren Auswirkungen bis in die Gegenwart nach. In einer Art Heimsuchung des zeitgenössischen Tanzes konfrontiert Choreografin Elizabeth Ward die Pathosformeln des Ausdruckstanzes der 1920er-Jahre mit den ideologisch-nationalen Narrativen jener Zeit.

„Nachdem ein Tanz aufgeführt wurde, ist er tot“, notierte Mary Wigman in ihrer Autobiografie. Dancing’s Demons lässt die Hexen, Teufelsmaschinen und Ekstasen des Ausdruckstanzes wiederauferstehen. Doch nicht um sie abzufeiern. Vielmehr geht es darum, Handlungsmöglichkeiten aufzuzeigen, die sich in unheimlichen Verwerfungen wie jenen zwischen dem experimentellen Tanz d

Dancing’s Demons premieres in TQW on the 31st of January and the 1st of February.

Elisabeth Ward ist Choreografin und Performerin und lebt zurzeit in Wien. Davor war sie in New York, Athen, Brüssel und Portland tätig. Ihre Arbeit erforscht die kollektiven Geschichten einer Genealogie des Tanzes, die im Muskelgedächtnis von Tänzer*innen als lebendige Archäologie eingeschrieben sind. Ihre jüngste Arbeit Un-dedication realisierte sie für den steirischen herbst 2019. Als Performerin trat sie u. a. in Arbeiten von Frédéric Gies, Michikazu Matsune, Manuel Pelmuș, DD Dorvillier, Miguel Gutierrez, Jennifer Lacey, Michael Turinsky und Anne Juren auf. Ihren Bachelor of Arts machte Elizabeth Ward am Bennington College in Vermont, wo sie Tanz und Ökologie studierte.



Rehearsals from October 14-December 14, 2019

Lau Lukarilla creates a piece that dances with Nyx, the Greek goddess of the night, child of Chaos, Mother of Day, Light, Sleep and Death. I study her forms of protection and destruction, with her eyes I look for a lost and disjointed internal sense of an erotic power in a solo dance piece for the night of the present day. I work to wake up from and with the algorithm, to generate subterranean kin; to play with swollen cognitive skills; to move with the a new materiality of lust on the dance floor. Energetic streams woken through Socratic fucking, flirting, squirting; I imagine a hearty arousal of the m- Other herself, Nyx, the goddess of the night, who brings the darkness in the hem of her drape.

Nyxxx, will premiere at Brut Wien 14 & 15 in Marz 2020

Practices of care in public space.
The urban, the earth, the atmosphere and the “local Heimat of Gaia”.

A four days event organized by nadaLokal and curated by Amanda Piña and Veza Maria Fernandez.

7-10 of November 2019

Artists share their practices with the Rudolfheim-Fünfhaus’ community by presenting a series of site specific pieces around the following questions:
Is it possible to feel rooted in a place where you have not been born? Can we collectively reclaim the soil, the urban earth under our feet and the atmosphere we breath as ways of rooting and caring for the ancient life-producing and maintaining technology of earth? read more >>>



November, 1st, 8pm

von und zwischen Christina Lederhaas und Veza Fernandez

Zwischen Rastlosigkeit und Lethargie fühlen wir diesen Hunger
wir kommen uns nah bis wir uns vollständig aufgegessen haben
in der Unruhe der unerträglichen Nähe
bis wir gemeinsam endlos werden
wie unüblich

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With: Rolando Hernández/ Melanie Maar/ Christian Konrad Schröder with William ‚Bilwa‘ Costa


August 12th, 8:00pm

ENTKUNSTUNG Performance is an event series interested in intimate, institution free, performance experiences with body, sound and communication at its base. Ephemera and evidence, traces in both directions: disrupting the present, constituting the future while unmasking the past.

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COOK, EAT AND CLEAN/ Smoke and Mirrors Saloon

Goldfuß collective, Raumschiff Engelmayr, Vance Gellert, Ivo Gurschler, Jasmin Hoffer, Maxim Ilyukhin, Elisabeth Kelvin, Lilach Livne, Dafne Moreno, Elpida Orfanidou, Linda Samaraweerová, Angela Schubot, Robert Steijn, Miña Tarilonte and Guadalupe Aldrete.


OPENING 05.04. 19:00 // PROGRAM 05.04.-14.04.

Within the frame of the photography exhibition „Smoke and Mirrors“ by the us-american artist Vance Gellert which is part of FOTO WIEN Monat der Fotografie, the program of „Cook, Eat and Clean“ will present performanes, talks and workshops. read more >>>

GLOWING current moods

Associated Artist/ Sophia Hörmann


March 2019

Sophia Hörmann entwirft zu den Themen Selbstdarstellung und Erwartungshaltung ein Setting, in dem sie als Grenzgängerin buchstäblich durch Sphären und Emotionen gleitet. Sie slidet auf ihrem persönlichen Experimentierfeld und fokussiert dabei den materiellen und emotionalen Charakter der Oberflächen, die sie wahrnimmt, berührt, betritt. read more >>>