Thursday April 18th 2013 at 7:00

Sixpackfilm-Abend: BOY MEETS GIRL

Friday April 19th 2013 at 7:00


Andrea Maurer & Frans Poelstra, FLUCHTPUNKT Laura Kalauz, RENACIMIENTO: QUANTUM DANCE (L.S.D.–1) by Sergio Valenzuela & Katalina Mella

Fluchtpunkt is a platform of interaction and dialogue between people living in the confinement of a prision and society. It intends to question the criteria of justice and punishment, and to re-think the possibilities of jail as an open institution. Fluchtpunkt intends to reveal the potential of extended choreography as a trigger to a social debate.

„Renacimiento“ was a choreographic score created by Katalina Mella and Sergio Valenzuela in Santiago of Chile (2012), developed in collaboration with twenty-two dancers from different ages and techniques. Within the frame of L.S.D, Let’s Share Dances, the new nadalokal dance series, Sergio Valenzuela invites local dancers to test and experience the score. Using notions of quantum physics, from the framework of chaos theory, the participants will engage in a creative process of composing their own movements into an existing score by relating to different Renaissance paintings. The invitation is open for people coming from dance, theatre and other fields related with body awareness.

This month L.S.D. sessions will be happen on the 15th, 16th and 17th of April from 16–18:30h and on the 18th from 10–12h.
Let’s Share Dances (L.S.D.) is a new format offered by nadaLokal in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Movement Affairs (BMfB)

nadaLokal invites people to share their dances, movement ideas and choreographic scores with the interested community. L. S. D. is not about training and not about leisure, but considers dance as a way of expanding consciousness. Like writers of the Fin de siècle used to share their works in Viennese cafés, artists can share their dances at the nadaLokal. Dance as a common experience, free of charge and nourished by all participants. Let’s Share Dances!

nadaLokal provides the studio at Reindorfgasse and takes over the organization of the dance sessions. L. S. D. will take place two to five days before the monthly events, two or three hours per day. If you want to share a traditional, forgotten, contemporary, futuristic, animal or alien dance and/or want to try out a new dance, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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