An Evening With Ellador


Tuesday January 22nd 2013 at 8:00

Nina Prader, Ruth Weismann, Veronika Zott

Hosted by Mathilde ter Heijne (NL/DE) and Magda Tothova (SK/AT) with Nina Prader and Ruth Weismann

On January 22, Ellador from Herland and a new Offred from Gilead will be our guests for one night at nadaLokal. Some of you have already met Ellador, who hails from an all-female society isolated somewhere in South America. She is still in Vienna with us, exploring the culture of European hospitality. Offred from our last evening moved further to England, but you will have the chance to meet the new Offred, also a refugee from Gilead. Offred is not her real name. She is a handmaid with special skills. Also this time you will have the chance to talk to Mathilde ter Heijne, who just recently came back from her time travel journeys. The evening will be hosted by Magda Tothova and Mathilde ter Heijne.

Random Choreography or a dancer at work
Fanzine performance by Veronika Zott (AT)

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