LSD#5: Co- (in 3 parts)


Sunday April 27th 2014 at 19:00

Co- (in 3 parts) is a time and theme based, research and performance structure by william | bilwa | costa.

Elizabeth Ward (US), Elisabeth Schilling (DE), Amanda Piña (CL), Camille Seeger (CL), Edith Mendoza Pacheco (MX), Franziska Koppensteiner (AT), Jasmin Schaitl (AT), William „Bilwa“ Costa (US)

Based on the collaborative practice of William „Bilwa“ Costa and Jasmin Schaitl, Co- (in 3 parts) addresses repetition, simultaneity, and duration; and focuses on the point where actions phase, oscillate, and/or conjoin.

The public performance begins promptly at 19:00 and lasts for exactly 60 minutes. The audience will arrive to an „already in progress“ performance of a 3 hour structure, witnessing only the third hour of structure.

Part 1) tempo – stillness 30 mins. Part 2) proximity – distance 60 mins. Part 3) transformation – alteration 90 mins.

Over the course of three days a group of dancers, performance/action-based artists, and sound artists will work, together and independently, on interpreting the structure’s themes and durations. They will determine how they manifest and the order in which they are executed. On the third day, the research will culminate in a public performance.

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