Wednesday May 21th 2014 at 20:00

a night of live music, dance, performance and collective discussion

Pedro Alvarez (CL), Alma Quintana (MX), Doris Stelzer (AT)

Pedro Alvarez
Through my direct intervention on a sonic body –that of the electric guitar– and by drawing on a diverse range of techniques, most of them unorthodox to the ‚culture‘ of the instrument, I improvise sound situations that offer different perspectives to my pursuits as a composer. Taking the form of quasi meditations that discover new sound possibilities from the instrument’s mechanics, these improvisations can transit from subtle textures to violent outbursts.

Alma Quintana
Aparición is a choreographic project that researches perception and experience of the body generated by memory. In its first version performances were created, which explored different practices. A solo and a duet with a ten-year-old boy framed on different contexts such as a museum exhibition space, a black box and a theatre were performed in Mexico City. In the meanwhile the project has reached its second step: Aparición.Duration. Now the work emphazises a strong visual input through the relation with several pieces of wood. It questions material and non-material spaces, as well as relationships of bodies and invisible mind states.
Alma Quintana is holder of the scholarship Jóvenes Creadores 2013-2014 from FONCA (Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes).

Doris Stelzer
Lecture performance and discussion – Version @ nadaLokal
Dialoque partner: Daniel Aschwanden
“hansi and me actually questions the values, wishes and aims of my artistic work. In how far does art want to please in order to be successful?” (Doris Stelzer)

In her attempt to understand the phenomenon Hansi Hinterseer, Doris was driven to deal with the world of “Schlagermusic”. Finally she learned a lot about her own world. In celebration of this year´s 60th birthday of Hansi this nadaLokal special takes place.

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