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Thursday 18, Friday 19, Saturday 20 December 2014 at 19:30

A performance event accompanied by an exhibition

Magda Tothova (SK), Paul Philipp Heinze (DE), Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska (PL), Mirela Baciak (PL)

From the ArchiveFileNR.:Xl-797-998.1/2_ The here rediscovered gestures belong to a group of subjects, most likely from the early 21st century. We assume that the focus of their actions was to express a sense of femininity, strength, humor, passion, wittiness and so called sexual desire. We also assume that the globalization of these gestures might have been one of the aims of the so called late neoliberal society. The strong use of hands, head and upper body has to be outlined here. For more details read ArchiveFileNR: OPD-3178-97/2


DANCE PERFORMANCE: Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska
SOUND PERFORMANCE: Paul Philipp Heinze
PROJECTOR STANDS: Ulrich Dertschei
COSTUME: Katharina Maria Kappert

The Performance event is accompanied by works of Mirela Baciak, Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska, Ulrich Dertschei, Veronika Hauer, Paul Philipp Heinze, Antje Majewski, Juliane Solmsdorf, Magda Tothova.

Thursday December 18th
We will welcome you after the performance with a small catering and some drinks

Friday December 19th
Be ready to attend a mega nail art competition hosted by Ipek Hamzaoğlu

Sunday December 20th
The performance will be followed with a talk with Gabrielle Cram, dramaturge at tanzquartier.


Magda Tothova

Magda Tothova (born 1979 in Bratislava), lives and works in Vienna and Berlin
Tothova received a MA from the University of Applied Arts Vienna and previously studied at the School for Artistic Photography Vienna (F. Kubelka) and was a visiting student at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. Tothova made a solo exhibition at Federico Bianchi Contemporary Art, Milan (2010/2013), and her work has been presented in group exhibitions in the following galleries and non-profit institutions, among others: Galeria Studio, Warsaw (2014), Adds Donna, Chicago (2013), HDLU Zagreb (2013), Europe House, Tbilisi (2012), Bytom, Poland (2012), Sculpturegarden, Strombad Kritzendorf, Klosterneuburg (2012), Project Artspace, New York (2012), and Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia (2012). She has been an artist-in-residence in London, Copenhagen and in Chicago.
Since 2004 editorial member of the art fanzine: Chicago/Times/Plotter/Helvetica/DIN/ Techno/Löhfelm/RR_02/Univers/Tiffany/Circuit/Memphis/Gringo/Zeus/The Mix/Princess Lulu/Pigiarniq /Paper/Libertine/Trixie/Déjá vu/Auto/Rediviva/Acid/Wanda/Loraine
Since 2013 member of the international artist network ƒƒ
Tothova’s work revolves around modern utopias, constructed norms, social models and their failures, how to address personal and social issues in the private and the political field. Borrowing heavily from fairy tales and science fiction, she is interested in the formation of myths or the essentialism underlying the concept of chance.

Paul Philipp Heinze

Paul Philipp Heinze (born 1981 in Leipzig) is a german contemporary artist.
After living in Istanbul and Chicago for longer periods he moved back to Berlin and Vienna.
Heinze explores topics such as “identity construction”, “posthumanism”, “post-internet economy“ and “cognitive capital“ by mostly referring to artistic practices like installation, performance and intervention. Using all sorts of material and media he describes his artistic work as „sculptural (german: bildhauerisch) in the broadest sense“ while emphasizing the “sensual qualities” of concepts. Due to his longstandig musical practice he uses the term „polystylism“ to characterise his deeply philosophical body of work.
Paul Philipp Heinze studied at UDK Berlin, ERBA Nantes and HGB Leipzig where he received his diploma with honors (MFA) in Media Arts.
He is collaborating with various artists on diverging projects and his work has been subject of numerous international exhibitions including Teatr Studio Warsaw (2014), S T O R E Dresden (2014), Art Museum Magdeburg (2014), Gallery of the Ministry of Culture Pristina (2013), ADDS DONNA Chicago (2013), Laden für Nichts Leipzig (2013), Artplay Moscow (2013), PROGR Bern (2012), Maison de l’Architecture Nantes (2011), Gallery Duplex Sarajevo (2011), Kunsthalle Exnergasse Vienna (2011), Black Door Istanbul (2010), Galerie Hafenrand Hamburg (2010).

Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska

Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska (born 1982 in Poland) is a performer, dancer, choreographer, contemporary dance instructor, Russian philologist, business coach.
In the past cooperated with independent contemporary dance groups and companies in Poland, like „Hoplaaa” – Cracow, „Wahadło” and „Navras” – Rybnik. Since 2007 have been working with „Mufmi” Dance Theatre in Warsaw, directed by Anna Piotrowska (performances: “Mufmi – spicz”; “Usługi płatne, czyli cała Polska plecie dzieciom”; “Puste miejsca”; “Z góry na dół”; “Bóg 8 dnia”; “Fall(ing) cei(ling)”; “Mufmi profilaktycznie”; “Przesunięcie”; “Rozgrywka”, “Czekając trawnika”).
Authoress of solo performances (“Dystans”, “Kandyzowany”, “In brief”, “I know №.Thing”) and co-author of duos (“Przaśny”, “Coaching”, “Just Go”, “Do you…?”, “Free.dom”). Awards: “Dystans” – 1st prize at 11. Polish Dance Confrontation, Konin 2010, “In brief” – two individual prizes at “3, 2, 1 … dance” choreographic competition, Cracow 2013, “I know №.Thing” – “The best solo” at International Solo &Duo Festival, Budapest 2014 and two individual prizes at “3, 2, 1 … dance” choreographic competition, Cracow 2014. She works currently as a dance and improvisation teacher and cooperates with „PerFORM“ and “Appendix” Foundations.
She ist interested in creating ideas based on everyday life experiences and combining it with the naturalness and individuality of each dancer. The visual aspect is very strong and dominating in her performances.

Mirela Baciak

Mirela Baciak (born 1987 in Warsaw) lives and works in Vienna
She graduated from Art University in Poznan, currently studing at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna/ Master in Critical Studies. A person of mixed parentage: post modern dance and institutional theory. Her work revolves around issues of participation, escape and different forms of performativity. Founder of Appendix – Verein for Performance – Kunst. Besides her own practice she ocasionally works for theater directors.

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