Thursday June 4th 2015 at 19:00

The residency and presentation at Nadalokal will focus on a duet adapted performance version in collaboration with Amanda Piña that will be accompanied with an installation by Lutz Baumman.

Alma Quintana (MX), Amanda Piña (CL/MX/AT), Lutz Baumann(AT)

Aparición is a choreographic project that Alma Quintana has researched since 2012. By setting different frameworks, Alma has been able to explore various presentation devices to widely approach the different concepts that have put into-motion the project. A starting point was to reflect on the notion of body, therefore the core practice has triggered a ‚body-action‘ by exploring the process and effort of recovering/remembering what just happened, while it is happening (while a body is moving or is being moved). Aparición plays with the visible and non-visible that takes place on experience, it opens the question: what is it that moves?

Along 3 years the project has two scenic versions or performances, an installation, an exhibition and a publication that will be finished by the end of this year. The short residency at Nadalokal will focus on a duet adapted performance version in collaboration with Amanda Piña that will be accompanied with an installation by Lutz Baumman.

„Proyect funded by Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes“

Concept and choreography: Alma Quintana* Performance: Alma Quintana and Amanda Piña Installation and visual presentation: Lutz Baumann thanks to : fonca conaculta


Alma Quintana
Independent artist working on her choreographic practice since 2008, she considers it a tool in transformation that allows her to create frameworks to experiment with the body, with different concepts and ideas, with time and space, as well as various performance devices. Alma has a strong interest in conceiving dance and the choreographic experience itself as a horizontal knowledge-in-process that enables various relations and languages. In recent years she has been very interested in exploring the phenomenon of experience through the mechanisms of memory, setting parameters to expand the perception of actions, movements and thus building the dramaturgy of the body. She also considers teaching an important part to keep in feedback her practice with the context and the community. Although her work has been mainly characterized by the creation of solos that she dance and direct, research processes have been always in a collaboration and interdisciplinary format. Therefor her last project title ‘Aparición’ has been done in a long period with 2 performance versions in conjunction with a visual work by Lutz Baumann and a publication that will be ready ending this year. Receives by IBERESCENA the support for ‘Creación Coreográfica’ (2014-15) for an artistic residency at Inhotim institute with Elefante Vermelho project. By the Mexican Fund for Art and Culture she has won the scholarships ‘Jóvenes Creadores’ (2013-14) and ‘Estudios en el Extranjero’ (2011-12) to study as a guest at SNDO, Theaterschool in Amsterdam. She also received in 2009 the ‘DanceWeb program’ in the Impulstanz International Festival in Vienna; and in 2010 Jean-Marc Adolphe invites her to take part in the ‘SKITE project’ in Caen, France. She has collaborated with the choreographers and artists Marta Sponzilli, Anaïs Bouts, Jihyun Youn, Lutz Baumann, Ana Trinçao, Pierre-Yves Diacon, Alice Pons, Sandra Gómez, and is part of the internacional project INTERFERENCIAS, which she co-coordinated in 2010 and 2012. Is an active member of Colectivo AM (México, D.F.), together they have worked in various proyects like the publication of ‚Recetario Coreográfico, roadbook texto en proceso‘ and ‚ARRECIFE‘, comissioned by the Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo (MUAC) curated by Alejandra Labastida and supported with the fund EPRO Danza 2013. Her work has been performed in México and abroad in different theaters, spaces and forums. Currently she is working in the 3rd and last period of ‘Aparición’ supported by the program ‚Fomento a Proyectos y Coinversiones Culturales 2014-2015‘ also by FONCA to present the work in several countries during 2015.

Amanda Piña
Choreographer, dancer and cultural worker living in Vienna, Austria was born in Chile during military dictatorship from a Mexican-Chilean-Lebanese family. Studied Physical Theatre in Santiago de Chile, Theatre Anthropology in Barcelona and Classical, Modern and Contemporary Dance in Mexico, Barcelona, Salzburg (SEAD) and Montpellier,( Ex.e.r.ce Choreographic Centre Montpellier). Her choreographic work focus on the political social and environmental agency of dance, introducing non western cultural references and perspectives into contemporary performance. In 2006 she received the danceWEB scholarship and in 2007 the Scholarship for Young Choreographers from Tanz Quartier Vienna. Since 2013 she is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner applying the method to movement research in performance. She danced and performed in pieces by DD Dorvillier, Claudia Heu, Daniel Aschwanden, Frans Poelstra & Robert Steijn, Christine Gaigg, Since 2005, she collaborates with the visual artist Daniel Zimmermann under the label nadaproductions. Her work as choreographer includes the tetralogy Self, You, WE and THEM followed by ‘SOCIALMOVEMENT, ’It… Enjoyment Consumption and waste’ followed by TEATRO, NATURE, and WAR. She is co-founder of the performance art space nadaLokal and of the Austrian Ministry of Movement Affairs, (BMfB). Currently she works in the realisation of the project Endangered Human Movements.

Lutz Baumann

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