• Self-portrait - Ana Mendes
  • How Do You Say Goodbye - Wei Hsinyen
  • It takes courage and breath to speak up - Eleni Kamma



Tuesday June 23d 2015 at 19:00

Ana Mendes and nadaLokal invite you to discover during this one evening, L’INTRU (INVADERS), 4 different performances and installations working and questioning the notions of identity, time as history and the relation to the other.The evening will end in music with Room Service, the new band of David Ender, Elisabeth Flunger and Peter Panayi, ex members of Damen-Improvisation & Herren-BIGbäng.

Ana Mendes (UK/DE), Eleni Kamma (GR/BR), Hsinyen Wei (TPE/USA), Amanda Piña (CL/MX/AT), David Ender (AT), Elisabeth Flunger(IT/LU), Peter Panayi(AU/AT)


It takes courage and breath to speak up Eleni Kamma – Video installation –

Self-portrait Ana Mendes – Performance –

Valse Indienne Amanda Piña – Performance –

Room Service – Concert –

In continue from 19:00 to 22:00
How do You Say Goodbye Hsynien Wei

It takes courage and breath to speak up – Eleni Kamma

The video reflects upon the term “parrhesia”, which implies not only freedom of speech, but also the obligation to speak the truth for the common good, even at personal risk. The camera moves in circles, choreographing and at the same time registering three performers around a microphone trying to “breath” theater as public space. They come together as a group, but also depart from it, following their own individual rhyme. To speak your mind, you must first overcome fear by taking a deep breath.

Self-portrait – Ana Mendes

‘Self-portrait’ is a play about my identity. Over the years, I collected my personal records (medical examinations, radiographies, vaccines etc.) and considered the role that heritage plays in our lives. It could be interrogative, an inquiry, or even a manifesto against all the questionnaires that we have to answer during our lives. But it is not these things. It is just a self-portrait, perhaps an automatic self-portrait.

How do You Say Goodbye – Hsynien Wei

How Do You Say Goodbye is a participatory game that invites the audience to share with the other the people/object/memory they would like to say goodbye to. A gesture will later on be performed.
The game will continue

Room Service
Room Service is the latest exploratory music project of David Ender (bass guitar, stuff), Elisabeth Flunger (percussion) and Peter Panayi (guitar). The trio comes from different musical backgrounds but has been working together in duos, trios, and various large ensembles since the 1990s, e.g., in the performance group Damen-Improvisation & Herren-BIGbäng, the blues/rock trio Baitrunner, as party band with Gert Hühnerbrand & Gretl Uebenflaihs, and in the project YOO DOO RIGHT with Jack Hauser and Karlheinz Essl.


Ana Mendes (UK/DE)
Ana Mendes is a Portuguese writer and artist working and living in London and Berlin. She studied animation film, at La Poudriere – Ecole du Film d’Animation, Valence, France (2008), photography at Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany (2012), and finished an M. A. in Writing for Performance at Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK (2011). She started to work as a writer, but turned gradually into visual arts. Her performance career started accidentally when she wrote Self-portrait, a play on her identity, in 2010. Since then, she has been developing projects that play on the intersection of photography and performance. Her work has been exhibited at Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago, USA; Sophiensaele, Berlin, Germany; Peter Robertson Gallery, Alberta, Canada; Tanzquartier, Vienna, Austria, Future MESS, Bosnia, Saravejo, Kana Theatre, Sczeczin, Poland, Maison des Artes Georges Pompidou, Cajarc, France. She is currently under commission of AFIRIperFOMA Biennial, Lagos, Nigeria, 2015. Mendes’ plays are translated into Bosnian, English, Spanish, Polish and French. Selected prizes and fellowships include: Fellowship Akademie Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany, 2015/16, Writer in Residency City of Vienna 2014, Kulturkontakt Austria and BMUKK (Bilder Ministerium fur Unterricht und Kultur); Prize of the Jury Sophiensale, Festival 100º Berlin 2013; Act-Arriaga Prize, Act Performing Arts Festival, 2012, Bilbao, Spain, Second Prize Lift Off, Lift Art Gallery, 2012; ACC Gallery/City of Weimar Fellowship 2012, Germany; Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian Fellowship 2010. More details at: anamendes.com

Eleni Kamma(GR/BR)
Born 1973, Athens, Greece, lives and works in Brussels and Maastricht. In her books, drawings and videos, Kamma investigates possibilities for a future architecture that rejects binary oppositional systems of thought and accepts, rather than tolerates, “other” positions. Kamma’s interest lies in narrative representations of transformation and her practice is informed by the inherent gaps and contradictions within existing cultural narratives and structures. These gaps or contradictions concern issues of memory, authenticity and identity. They often take the form of real objects or stories that are constituted as stereotypes through omission of their actual history. By revisiting systems of classification and strategies of description and taxonomy, Kamma examines the relation of the cliché, the banal and the stereotype, to the formation of history and the production of meaning. Through her work, two things unfold at the same time; a direct exploration of the spatial in-between through reflection on space itself, but also the “appearance” of an object that suggests an in-between space. Through the continuous reconstitution of space and the constant re-construction of the object’s fragmented, edited, copied and pasted, repeated and replaced historical, etymological or representational descriptions and values, the formation, distribution and division of knowledge and experience are called into question. Her most recent body of work examines how words and images co-exist to create meaning via disruption, where sense comes only through letting a system collapse.

Amanda Piña(CL/MX/AT)
Choreographer, dancer and cultural worker living in Vienna, Austria was born in Chile during military dictatorship from a Mexican-Chilean-Lebanese family. Studied Physical Theatre in Santiago de Chile, Theatre Anthropology in Barcelona and Classical, Modern and Contemporary Dance in Mexico, Barcelona, Salzburg (SEAD) and Montpellier,( Ex.e.r.ce Choreographic Centre Montpellier). Her choreographic work focus on the political social and environmental agency of dance, introducing non western cultural references and perspectives into contemporary performance. In 2006 she received the danceWEB scholarship and in 2007 the Scholarship for Young Choreographers from Tanz Quartier Vienna. Since 2013 she is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner applying the method to movement research in performance. She danced and performed in pieces by DD Dorvillier, Claudia Heu, Daniel Aschwanden, Frans Poelstra & Robert Steijn, Christine Gaigg, Since 2005, she collaborates with the visual artist Daniel Zimmermann under the label nadaproductions. Her work as choreographer includes the tetralogy Self, You, WE and THEM followed by ‘SOCIALMOVEMENT, ’It… Enjoyment Consumption and waste’ followed by TEATRO, NATURE, and WAR. She is co-founder of the performance art space nadaLokal and of the Austrian Ministry of Movement Affairs, (BMfB). Currently she works in the realisation of the project Endangered Human Movements.

Wei Hsinyen(TPE/USA)
is a Taiwanese artist working in photography, video and performance. Her work explores intimacy through various social, sensory and cultural implications. She received her MFA in studio from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has presented work in spaces such as the Sun Gallery and Contemporary Art Space in Taiwan, Bauhaus Universität Weimar in Germany, CoCA Center on Contemporary Art Seattle, EXPO Chicago, Links Hall and Mana Contemporary Chicago. She currently lives and works in Taipei and New York.

David Ender (AT)
born in Wodonga, lives in Vienna. Musician, composer, performer, improviser, author, translator, horti- and web culturist. Member of and worked or working together with: Freier Puls, Jack Hauser, F.Wake, Ent-Art Orckesta, Miki Malör, Lux Flux, tiefe Töne, Stoned Genies, Andrea Bold/TVE, corpus, brpobr, Tanzmontage, Miryam van Doren, Saira Blanche Theatre, and many others.

Elisabeth Flunger (IT/LU)
is a percussionist, composer and performer and lives in Luxembourg. She works with classical orchestras and contemporary music ensembles as well as with improvising musicians and dancers, gets involved in theatre and dance productions, and holds workshops on improvisation and composition for children, amateurs and professional musicians. Elisabeth Flunger’s favourite instrument is a collection of trash metal objects, used in concerts, installations and performances. For these instruments she has created a series of solo pieces and developed appropriate playing techniques. www.eflunger.com

Peter Panayi (AU/AT)
is a musician, composer, pocket knife expert, band leader and performer, born in Sydney/Australia and educated at the American Institute of Music and the University of New South Wales. Current projects include the Stoned Genies and the Cosmic Hustlers, More Please Orchestra, Andrea Bold/TVE, the Imperial Archdukes of Funk, Superfly Radio Orchestra and much, much more! <<< back