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Wednesday, 2nd of March 2016 at 19:30

Room Service is an exploratory band project initiated by David Ender, Elisabeth Flunger and Peter Panayi. For this setup Ender & Flunger invited Chris Janka to complement their excursion at nadalokal.

Based on improvisation they will react on the sight spesific characteristics of nadaLokal such as space, atmosphere, air humidity… The diverse musical backgrounds of the musicians promise a suspenseful evening with unexpected twists.



David Ender, Elisabeth Flunger, Chris Janka

David Ender (AT) born in Wodonga, lives in Vienna. Musician, composer, performer, improviser, author, translator, horti- and web culturist. He has been involved in diverse band projects: Freier Puls, Jack Hauser, F.Wake, Ent-Art Orckesta, Damen-Improvisation & Herren-BIGbäng, Baitrunner, Miki Malör, Lux Flux, tiefe Töne, Stoned Genies, Andrea Bold/TVE, corpus, brpobr, Tanzmontage, Miryam van Doren, Saira Blanche Theatre, and many others.

Elisabeth Flunger (IT/LU/AT) is a percussionist, composer and performer and lives in Luxembourg. She works with classical orchestras and contemporary music ensembles as well as with improvising musicians and dancers, gets involved in theatre and dance productions, and holds workshops on improvisation and composition for children, amateurs and professional musicians. Elisabeth Flunger’s favourite instrument is a collection of trash metal objects, used in concerts, installations and performances. For these instruments she has created a series of solo pieces and developed appropriate playing techniques.


Chris Janka (AT) Chris Janka, the multi-facetted whiz, is a composer, guitarist, automata builder, and sought-after sound engineer/producer with an ear to the ground for unique local and international talents with whom he has projects, such as Mark Holub & Pamelia Stickney (Blueblut), Lisa Kortschak, Romeo Bissuti, & Gregor Mahnert (Tankris), Gustavo Costa & Martin Philadelphy (Missing Dog Head), Daniel Pabst, Claudius Jelinek & Emanuel Preuschl (Trafo), Lukas Ligeti, Mia Zabelka (Noisey Towngroove) … Rudi Fischerlehner, Katrin Plavcak, Roman Harrer (Blendwerk), Noel Akchote to name a few. When Chris is not in the studio recording, on stage performing, or composing, he is working on or exhibiting one of his art/science projects & creations like the corkscrew ballet, flying machines, or his special spark-explosion guitar amp, the sparklyfier. <<< back