Dolli Melaine



June 9th 2016, 7.30pm

NadaLokal is hosting Dolli Meleine from 23rd of May till 9th of June at our Artist in Residency program. She will be presenting a performance art show featuring Dolli Melaine and Mia Legenstein integrated with Refugee’s telling their stories. An evening of integration and expression.



Dolli Melaine will sing/speak a collage of words taken from lyrics of her songs written over many years that clearly relate to the time’s we are living in now. With Mia Legenstein’s sound mood landscapes minimally interspersed. As the lyrics are performed in a sing/speak manner a story unfolds. Deep and moving words performed in a dramatic, meaningful manner, as is the style of Dolli Melaine. The finale will involve the audience to integrate the entire experience, taking part in it.

Refugees telling short stories of their experiences as they are living them here and now.
Freestyle dance moment of expression with various dancers from different countries.
Refugee Child paintings by Dolli Melaine

….an evening of integration and expression….

Special Guests:
Refugees in Europe – Zakia Salehi (Afghanistan), Aboud Alibrahim (Syria) and other
Dancers: Amanda Piña & Sarah Blumenfeld
Video: Kata Mesterhazy

Dolli Melaine

Dolli Melaine is an eclectic performance artist, singer/songwriter, author and painter. Originally from Grass Valley, California, she literally grew up in her mother’s dance school and her father’s record store. She has been performing since she was 3 years old.
Dolli has recently, created a song and a music video along with Markus Kienzl, called, „Roller Coaster Baby“ She has created many songs with Viennese electronic composers that are on various albums and on the radio. She was also a singer/performer with KM/A fashion design’s performance art show’s, that were a highlight in the fashion scene of Vienna.
She was the writer, director, producer and scored a short film called „Lunatics are Dancing“. She played the lead in the Zoon Production of „Newordisorder“ directed by Thomas Desy, where she received high reviews.
Dolli has created a technique to open and tune-up the voice/body instrument and is the author of „Voice Opening; Find Your Real Voice“ & „How to take a Healthy Breath“ She worked as a professional make-up artist for over 25 years and has a keen interest in the character of a face and is now a portrait painter.

Mia Legenstein

Sound composer, DJ, conceptual artist, social-critical art projects, sound design, cosmopolite currently based in Vienna.
As a composer and performer of improvised, electroacoustic and experimental music Mia concentrates on elements of the voice, pure natural sounds and their manipulation. Her style is open to all kinds of cultural and musical influences. In her conceptual art projects she is using a wide variety of media including video and installations, often collaborative with other artists. As a sound designer, live-composer, vocal performance artist & DJ she has performed on stage with international shows in f. ex. Belgrade, London, Australia, Washington, Slovenia, Germany and at the Fashion Week Paris.
Mia Legenstein graduated with a Masters-degree in Musicology from University Vienna and studied at the Sorbonne-Université de Paris IV. She gained a certificate of Electronic Music Producer from the SAE Institute Vienna and has classical training in traverse flute, drums and harmony. Mia participated in many workshops at the Vienna Poetry Academy with renowned teachers, such as, Anne Waldman (US), among others. For many years she has worked with master voice coach, Dolli Melaine (US). (under construction)