nadaLokal 2009-2016

6.11. Sunday

Jasmin Hoffer and Oleg Soulimenko:Dreams of Anna Karenina

A tour through the dreams of Anna Karenina, what Leo Tolstoy did not write but Anna dreamed. In Anna’s dreams she escapes from the moral thinker Leo Tolstoy and identifies her self with Dostoevsky’s of Michael Bulgakov’s characters. Storytelling songs and passionate dances await you!
Guest dancers: Paula Chaves, Elizabeth Ward and Marlies Schneider.

Andrei Andrianov : VOICES

In this performance Andrei will continue to study the interactions of body and voice, thoughts and immobility, silence and recognition. Muscles of the larynx are the starting point of the movement in an unknown direction to the mixing point of languages.

Bar Lokal-int: Chri Frautschi & Nicolas Raufaste