A late night Rendez Vous with Ricardo Rubio and Robert Steijn

Friday 24 of february 22h30


Saturday 25 of february 10h30- 17h

Since three years Robert Steijn works intensively with the choreographer Ricardo Rubio in Mexico. They are sparring partners in their quest to investigate the dancing body from a spiritual perspective as it has been developed in Latin America. Now they are in nadalokal to continue their research for a week. Lately they are working on what they call the Saliva Project, a celebration of body fluids. The evening is an intimate and informal sharing of this research and practice.


In this workshop we will explore how knowledge from pre-hispanic cultures in Latin America can influence the way we dance the body and make performances. We will work with the medicine wheel of the four wind-directions, and with the elements water, fire, earth and air. How can we balance all these different elements and energies in our movements, emotions, body and mind.  The workshop is for everyone who is interested in the body, as a portal to learn to know yourself as a performer and as a human being. We also like to reflect on the role, task and state of mind of the performer and how that functions in the society of which we are part. <<< back