Martin Lanz Landázuri (MEX)

Made in: Viena 09, dos de 3.

Tuesday /Dienstag, 29. 09. 2009, 20: 00 Uhr

„P. O. Caj ita“ by Martin Lanz Landàzuri
„The best way to carry a box“ Brooklyn/Vienna by Martin Lanz Landàzuri
„Petra“ by Anke Philipp
„reverse“ by Amanda Piña & Daniel Zimmermann

Martín Lanz Landázuri is a choreographer and performer born in México, Performance: “P.O.Cajita” made in New York by Martín, exploring the shape, the acoustic properties of an object and the mobility with and without it; A video „The best way to carrying a box” part made in Brooklyn, N.Y., part in Vienna, Austria, within this residence.
As part of the creative residence at nadalokal, we are going to present a sample of work in a shared evening of live performance and films by: Martin Lanz, Anke Phillpp, nadaproductions and Georg Blaschke.
Made In project, itinerant laboratory of research and artistic exchange, Vienna- Mexico-NY-Puerto Rico-Chile. Has been in Mexico City, Vienna, and soon in N.Y. The intention is an artistic exchange and context exposure, Amanda Piña, Alejandra Martorell and Martín Lanz look at this as a parallel process to their own work, looking up for encounters among them and other artist, wherever this happen.
Special Thanks to: Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores – Embajada de México en Austria. This creative residence has received support from the Movement Research Artist-in- Residence Program funded, in part, by the Leonard and Sophie Davis Fund and Kunst am Grund
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