Andrea Maurer & Thomas Brandstätter (AT)

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Socializing on the ground of a gallery, testing some western european goods, cars and japanese as well as northern american digital technology, assembled in china, checking out bio-food, bananas and beer from the european union, from catholic austria and some snacks from germany. Small and bigs things and medium size and large things and things we could make or buy.Some art, maybe, among goods, mostly goods, goods and craftsmenship. Casual interventions by performers, of course there will be performers present, some completely relaxed, some tired, some just for a moment, and some at work. Pictures in frames as well as without frames, images and cardboard boxes all over. No entry to be paid, but still: money can be spent on good goods, for example on a car, on a miniature-TV set or on green cloth which is all over the place. You can intervene or interview somebody or just watch calmly, contemplate the exhibition undisturbed and with a lot of interest. There will be an artist in a box and some other artists around, that you can always talk to. Possibly you can meet important people for your career, most probably rather on opening or closing night than in the second night, which is perfect for gallery crowds with very serious looks over the rim of their glasses. On the second day though it will still smell a bit from the wine poured out by visitors at the opening night party. Please enter with elegance, behave with ease, be talkative with strangers, respect the art, and think very much about it.
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