Veza Maria Fernandez

Associated arstist

19:30 Uhr

nadaLokal associated artist Veza Maria Fernandez
presents „Pressures of the heart“
with Christina Maria Lederhaas.

(STATUS QUO nadaLOKAL or our screaming piece in a room closer to you)

Pressures of the Heart is screaming until we reach a state in which reality moves and is moved. The Catharsis or agitating, transgressing, healing through mourning and bestial sounds. This is a dramatic resistance, a ritual against the context that is giving us pain. Our actions move within meanings and narratives pathos theater opera and dance. There are things we can only feel when we scream our screaming piece.

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Konzept & Performance: Veza Maria Fernandez, Christina Maria Lederhaas
Raum und Regieassistenz : Sara Gonzalez Novi
Kostüm: Karin Heide und team
Licht Design- Christina Weber
outside ear -Stimme: Aline Schönemann
outside eye – Bewegung: Angela Schubot

copyright: Hanna Fasching
collage: Sara G Novi