Asia in the Mirror

Megumi Shimizu (Japan) / Tuan Mami (Vietnamese)

20:00 Uhr

Megumi Shimizu (Japan)
She is mainly producing live art performance and drawing works. Bachelor of Japanese Painting, and Master of Photography. She is interested in Cultural anthropology (especially in differences and boundaries) in the Asian region, had studied in China from2001 to2016,after staying in Miyako-island in Okinawa, Japan, for one and half year from1999. She graduated from Kyoto College of Art and Design (Japanese painting), China Academy of Fine Arts (Chinese painting) , and Central Academy of Fine Art(Folk Art, Photography). Shimizu has displayed her works at the exhibitions in museums mainly in China, Mongolia, Korea and Thailand. She also has experience in organizing physical workshops at Shantou University Arts Institute in Guandong province and Goethe institute Beijing. After staying in China for 15 years, she moved to Kanagawa, Japan in 2016. In 2016, she started to be interested in the origin of creativity, due to the influence from her grandmother who was a poet. Shimizu studied process work to understand language construction in another field, and made small drawing works. Shimizu major exhibitions in recent years are AQUA2017 (Roma), Sanyuan Contemporary Art Museum (Tianjin, China), and Land Art Mongolia 360 (Mongolia).

Tuan Mami (Vietnamese)
Tuan Mami (born 1981) is a Vietnamese conceptual artist based in Hanoi. Tuan Mami’s works are often based on site-specific and re-constructional concepts to deal with questions about art, life, meaning and social interactions between people. Constantly exploring new mediums and methods of expression, Tuan Mami is known for his daring, and increasingly meditative experimentations with installation, video, performance and conceptual art. Tuan Mami has participated in international art events and exhibitions including Plastic Myths, Asian Culture Center, Korea (2015) Changwon Sculpture Biennale (2014); Pharmacide Project, Traveling Between Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, And France (2012) ; Beyond Pressure; Burma (2011), The 7th Asia-Europe Art Camp – Art Workshop Luxembourg/Shanghai (2009-2010); Institute of Contemporary art in Singapore(2011); A Crossroads At The Institute Of Contemporary Art Singapore (2011); Utopia, Japan Foundation, Hanoi, (2012); Celebration Of Our Moment And Farewell Party, Halle 6, Munich (2011); And What Is Mom Waiting For?, Hooyong Art Center, South Korea (2011); Hà nội- Berlin, Berlin(2009). He has been an artist-in-residence at Hoyoong performing arts center in South Korea, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo; Organhaus Art Space, China, Casino Luxembourg, Luxembourg; 934 Studio, China; Sàn Art, Vietnam Thanks to:
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