Jasmin Hoffer/ Sara Lanner/ Olivia Schellander


29.06.2018 at 19:00

As part of their residency at nadaLokal associated artists Hoffer, Lanner and Schellander host a work-in-progress showing of their project Volume. Volume stands for an artistic and performative endeavour on the subjects of orality, openings and borders, social conventions, interaction and places of transformation. The collaboration’s attempt is to approach the oral as a complex organ ensemble and multifunctional space. Looking at the mouth as a liminal place they ask what can be taken in, shaped, manipulated, produced and ultimately ejected.

Jasmin Hoffer is a choreographer, performer and passionate dancer living in Vienna. She holds an MA in contemporary dance dissemination (HfMT Köln) and works in fluctuating constellations and diverse formats with artists such as Elena Kristofor, Laura Oriol, Oleg Soulimenko or Alfredo Basuglia. She has been working in Austria and other parts of the world like the US, Palestine, Germany, Italy and Russia entangling herself with ever-changing complicated socio-political sceneries. Some of her performative actions never left the intimacy of a rehearsal space, others were presented in established venues /festivals such as brut, TQW, Künstlerhaus Graz, ImPulsTanz or Pact Zollverein. The work she creates and engages with ranges from intimate radio musicals about being a mother, to somatic approximations towards amoebas, worms and dinosaurs, to meticulous sculptural interactions with garbage bags.

Sara Lanner is a choreographer, dancer and performer in the field of performing arts as well as visual arts. She worked a. o. with Anne Juren, Michikazu Matsune, Oleg Soulimenko, Barbis Ruder, Lilo Nein and Alfredo Barsuglia as a dancer and performer. She recently presented her performance Guess What at the imagetanz festival, brut Vienna (2018). Her solo-performance A Living Example was presented at WUK Performing Arts Vienna (2016), NAKT Festival Hamburg (2017) and CO Festival Skopje (2017). The interdisciplinary performance Etiquette der Zungen, in collaboration with Klaus Spiess/MedUni Vienna, was performed at the Pathological Anatomical Museum Vienna (ORF Lange Nacht der Museen 2017). Sara Lanner studied Contemporary Dance and Pedagogy (IDA Linz, NDH Oslo) and is currently studying Performative Arts (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna). She received scholarships from Werkstück/TQW Vienna, danceWEB/ImPulsTanz and the STARTStipendium/Federal Chancellery of Austria and was artist in residence at Uferstudios Berlin, Lokomotiva Skopje, ImPulsTanz, Tanzquartier and Huggy Bears/SUPERAMAS.

Olivia Schellander works with various artists in the roles of a dancer / performer, choreographer and collaborator. She obtained a BA Dance Theatre at Laban (London, UK) followed by an MA Choreography (IDA Linz, AT). Currently she develops her collaborative projects Animalarium with Alexandra Wingate & Lena Kimming in Sweden and VOLUME with Sara Lanner & Jasmin Hoffer in Vienna. Recent scholarships include the TURBO residency 2017 for emerging choreographers at ImPulsTanz Festival, where she initiated her solo project JAWS. In 2016 she received the danceWEB scholarship (mentor Tino Sehgal), in 2015 she was part of the SuSy Exchange Programme (LifeLongBurning) at Uferstudios Berlin. In Austria she has worked and performed for a.o Deborah Hazler, Lisa Hinterreithner, Véza Fernandez, PEACHES, Oleg Soulimenko, Lilo Nein, Stephanie Cumming. She was part of the ImPulsTanz Workshop&Research team, Symposium Coordinator for IDOCDE.net and programs training&workshops at Tanzquartier Wien since 2018.