Artist in Residence and showing Karin Pauer ( Associated Artist)

Karin Pauer- Planet body


11-February 26-November, Showing 9 November in the frame of Reclaim! 2019

PLANET BODY and „The Score“ Planet body bis a Soloproject by performer and choreographer Karin Pauer in which she embodies Planet Earth.

By anthropomorphizing and embodying the Planet, our anthropocentric perspective is challenged and adopted as a tool and catalyst for generating empathy and care for our Planet. In the context of capitalist driven exploitation and the destruction of planetary resources, the performing body in this work becomes a fearless, labouring, tireless and resisting body which offers a notion of a contemporary ritual as antidote. Establishing a relationship between the supposed Planet/ performer and spectators/ humanity, PLANET BODY is offering a perspective that suggest ethics of care, equity and reciprocity as a possible direction for a future ecosystem, which still includes us humans.

In the space between language and movement, bodily expression and knowledge, the artist creates a multitude of ‚body parables‘, which seek to collapse distinctions between nature and culture, mind and body.

‚the score‘ produces a relational field of interaction and experiences. It asks what kind of movement we want to undertake as a society together. As itasks what kinds of relationships we want to establish.

#adancefortheanthropocene #collaborativesurvival #symbioticplanet #planetaryempathy #onfire #contemplativerebellion #wearetheweather #iamtheplanet

Karin Pauer is a Vienna based performer and choreographer. In 2008 she received her BA in Choreography at the ArtEZ – Insitute of Arts in Arnhem/ The Netherlands.
She has since collaborated in various intenational settings with choreographers, theatre directors, filmmakers and visual artists such as Liquid Loft/ Chris Haring, Davis Freeman/ Random Scream, Yun Jung Kim, Mike O’Connor, Maureen Kaegi, Aldo Giannotti, Nicola von Leffern and Veronika Franz. Since 2015 she has continuously worked with the Austria based dance company Liquid Loft. She was a recipient of the danceWEB scholarship in 2009 and the TURBO Residency in 2012, both at ImPulsTanz, Vienna.
In 2018 she was granted the BKA START Scholarship. After touring throughout europe with the company Liquid Loft she has recently turned to developing her own works. Her performance-serie ‚ten hundred thousand years of movement‘ was presented at ImPulsTanz, Vienna, Tanzquartier Wien and Tanztage Salzburg. Her latest work, a collaboration with visual artist Aldo Giannotti was presented at Donaufestival/ Krems 2019. ​