Artist in Residence Veza ( Associated Artists)

Alalazo- A research on the body of the female voice


Veza’s artistic research explores the poetic, choreographic and political function of what brings together voices viscerally. She challenges the dominance of a beyond that is only one, using polyphony as a gathering, negotiating tool and queering tactic.

Alalazo is a visceral study on the strident1 Femin*ine voice that-has-to-come-out as a force. It is one of the polyphonic dance-voice-sound scapes, I am developing in the framework of my research of the messy polyphonic, which is a choreographic form of gathering, dialoguing in voluminous unity in dance and sound, queering conventions in expression. Alazo is the wish to celebrate shamelessly the most sentient voice, revolting against a patriarchal merely human understanding of what sounds good or bad, is natural or artificial, human or animal; dissolving binaries and hierarchies; propelling the visceral force. Exploring the revolting edges of an active sonic-sentient scape through the dance between three strident powerful voices from the depths of the entrails. These are the vocal, the physical and the electronic music voice from the core.

Veza Fernández (1986) is a dance, voice and performance artist interested in the political and poetic potential of the eclectic-expressive, navigating different genres, formats, institutional and underground scenes. She is a queer feminist artist who works with many voices that form a unity in a sensual togetherness that encourages difference in care. She works with extreme vocal and physical states that challenge what is considered the norm, beautiful, etc. She studied English and Spanish Philology and used to be a high school teacher until she could afford a living from making and performing. Additionally she is an actress, a stand-up comedian, a singer, a poet and a party lover. Her solo piece “Calamocos or my grandmother was a poet who could not write” was awarded with the Best OFF Styria audience prize in 2014. She was awarded with the danceWEB scholarship (ImpulsTanz Vienna) in 2015 and in 2016 with the Stadt Graz Outstanding Artist Award.