Artist in Residence Mzamo Gondlwana ( Associated Artist)

Healing Dances


Mzamo Nondlwana a queer non-binary performing artist born in Johannes burg, South Africa based in Vienna. Their work focuses on marginalized bodies and invisible knowledge. Using their body as a tool re-imagine an alternative narrative from being an object of desire to being the subject. An act of empowerment and self determination. 2006 they started their formal training as a dancer at Moving into dance Maphatong (South Africa). In 2009 they moved to Salzburg where they completed their formal dance education at SEAD in contemporary dance and choreography. They have worked with Michikazu Matsume in Picnic with old masters (Somerszene Salzburg,2013), Doris Uhlich for ´More than naked´(Somerszene Salzburg,2014), Magdalena Chowaniec in ´SANCTUARY´(Premier WUK,2014) and Needcompany for Needlapb at the (Hersbt festival Graz 2014). In 2017 they worked with Micheal Turinsky for ‘My body, your pleasure’ which toured Switzerland during the IntegrART festival and 2018 ‘Reverbaration’, which was presented at Tanzquartier Halle G, Vienna. Personal work and collaboration: ‘Alley of his majesty…Black Swan´ ( Ostertanztage 2013 and the Monopoly festival Croatia, 2014). We can have so much fun mum…Mum what you say? (Salzburg, Ostertanztage, 2015. IN THE CLOUDS WITH THE SEA OF SOUNDS (Künstlerhaus Salzburg, 2015). In 2018 they presented a works ‘Songs’ in Sevilla at the Festival Internacional Arte y Diversidad Sevilla Escena Mobile, ‘My Garden Flourishes with Flowers’ at the Rakete festival hosted by Tanzquartier, Vienna. Awards: in June 2018 Kültüř Gemma scholarship. 2017 they were a scholarship recipient for DanceWEB program by ImPulsTanz as well as the BKA Start Stipedium. In 2016 they were awarded the Türbo residency for their solo work ‘My Garden Flourishes with Flowers’. They are also one half of a dj collective Bicha Boo. Bicha Boo Collective is an audio-visual performative collective formed mainly by Pêdra Costa and Mzamo Jama, playing tracks made by Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, focusing on women, trans* and queer artists, making you shake your asses since 2017.