Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4Th October 10:00-20:00

The conference rA/Upture: xenofuturities_specters_anachrony will take place on October 3rd and 4th 2020 at nadalokal in 1150 Vienna with 18 collectives, artists, thinkers, writers and theoreticians from middle and eastern Europe.


dis_rapture of xenofuturities
dis_rapture of specters
dis_rapture of anachrony Description: Middle-eastern European states face, as well as countless democratic systems all over the world, the problem of right wing rhetoricians who try to secure and hold on to over-identified ideologies. Nationalist ideology has occupied and co-opted our national and historical myths. Therefore we must take them back so as to rebuilt progressive forms of thinking origin and belonging. By shooting up this raptured national identities into space we can loosen the temporality of the nation, thus being able to reimagine history, tear space time apart and open psychogeographical landscapes to otherworldly encounters – from here on out. The fictive past and an even more speculative future shall help us reappropriating the task of constructing narratives of identity. For this, we have elaborated the term dis_rapture, which resonates with the title of our symposium. This notion shall be investigated in relation to the terms that embody our subtitle: xenofuturities, specters and anachrony. Dis_rapture is defined as the disruptive act which ruptures predominant ideologies of rapture. By uncovering and splitting the inherent duality of rapture, and by decoupling it from its ideological stagnation we shall unravel its potential for becoming and foster the exponential growth of different perspectives on identity and well-being. The strategy of identity construction shall be reappropriated as a disruptive tool. The rigid borders set around cultural memory define and encode progressive agendas. Our task is to uncover this vague promises of endless ongoing progress and rapture. Hungarofuturism is a young example which executes ideas of alternative cultural and identical becoming: „Within the xenoaesthetic transformation, national identity becomes a stranger to itself, and we come to live in a space of liminality, in which the search for exceptionality is deconstructed, along with humanist and universalist illusions pertaining to the importance of humanity in the cosmos.“ This is only one example of many still to emerge dis_raptive techniques; its goal is the transformation of imagination in both a spacial and a temporal sense. Hungarofuturism acts through a creative re-channeling of narratives of origin and a restoration of hope in futures past or even speculative utopian futures that never have been or will ever be. ~ rA/Upture, the leitmotif of our conference is the vocal amalgam of the words rapture and rupture. By extracting the prefix dis- from the double negation disruption and attaching it to the other composite rapture, we are trying to launch a deconstructive analysis of contemporary tendencies by using the term: dis_rapture. dis_rapture implies the intentional, hypothetical deconstruction of ideologies that may have already manifested themselves in critical discourse. By using dis_rapture as a method we encourage the development of a variety of ideas we could have about the future and the past. ~ EPHEMEROS Music program tba stay tuned