ONLINE FROM 23.11. – 28.12.
Practices of care in public space. The urban, the earth, the atmosphere and the “local Heimat of Gaia”.

Organized by nadaLokal, curated by Amanda Piña and Veza Maria Fernandez, created collectively upon an idea by Susana Ojeda with Lucia Elena Prusa, Denise Palmieri, Vanessa Medina and Sattva Giacosa. The online-version was designed and organized by adO/Aptive.

Artists share their practices within the Rudolfheim-Fünfhaus’ community by presenting a series of site specific pieces around the following questions:

Is it possible to feel rooted in a place where you have not been born? Can we collectively reclaim the soil, the urban earth under our feet and the atmosphere we breathe as ways of rooting and caring for the ancient life-producing and maintaining technology of earth? Is it possible to root without reproducing a nationalist lexicon and identity politics? What can be hot, exciting and potent about this act of reclaiming?

RECLAIM features mostly female and non-binary artist of post-national foregrounds.

Participants: Veza Maria Fernandez (ES/AT), Vanessa Medina (ES), Lucia Elena Průša (AR/IT), Amanda Piña (AT/CL/MX) Denise Palmieri, (BR/AT), Susana Ojeda (COL/AT), LIVEN (COL/ PE/AT), Sattva Giacosa (VEN/AT), adO/Aptive (ALL), Raoni Muzho Saleh (NL/AFG), Nina Sandino (NIC /AT), Masha Godovannaya (RUS/AT), Tomás Montangero (AR), Mzamo Nondlwana (SA /AT), Pedra Costa (BR/DE)