COOK, EAT AND CLEAN/ Smoke and Mirrors Saloon

Goldfuß collective, Raumschiff Engelmayr, Vance Gellert, Ivo Gurschler, Jasmin Hoffer, Maxim Ilyukhin, Elisabeth Kelvin, Lilach Livne, Dafne Moreno, Elpida Orfanidou, Linda Samaraweerová, Angela Schubot, Robert Steijn, Miña Tarilonte and Guadalupe Aldrete.


OPENING 05.04. 19:00 // PROGRAM 05.04.-14.04.

Within the frame of the photography exhibition „Smoke and Mirrors“ by the us-american artist Vance Gellert which is part of FOTO WIEN Monat der Fotografie, the program of „Cook, Eat and Clean“ will present performanes, talks and workshops.

We created a program in a kind of saloon with intimate atmosphere which will cherish practices that allow us to react and interrelate to these three big and serious topics: healing, art and shamanism. „Cook, eat and clean“ will be a chamber that offer a space to come together and discuss. The invited artists will explore and make propositions about how to react to these topics, by using the actions of cook, eat and clean.

„Smoke and Mirrors“ and the „Cook, Eat and Clean“ program are curated by choreographer Oleg Soulimenko and Visual Artist and Filmmaker Daniel Zimmermann.

The performances and workshops are for free, you’re invited to help to cook, eat & clean.

Contact and Workshop’s Registration: Guadalupe Aldrete, email:


FRIDAY, 5. April
– Cook, talk and eat with photographer Vance Gellert
– De/classifying substances. Lecture by Ivo Gurschler
– DJ MaxPaxFax and DJ Vanille Putin

SATURDAY, 6. April
– Non-Image. Workshop-performance by Lilach Livne
– Cook & eat. DJ Dafnerin

SUNDAY, 7. April
– Non-Image. Workshop-performance by Lilach Livne
– Cook, eat & cocktails with Sergei Parajanov`s film „The Color of Pomegranates“ (1968)

MONDAY, 8. April
The Nature of Us – Practices. Workshop by Angela Schubot
Kakaw Shorts. Performance & cook by Elpida Orfanidou

TUESDAY, 9. April
– Experiential Yoga. Workshop by Linda Samaraweerová
– Healing Ceremony. Performance, cooking & eating by Goldfuß collective
– DJ Goldhand

WEDNESDAY, 10. April
– Then trees became a forest. Performance cook and talk by Maxim Ilyukhin
– Tea for the firefighters. Music and performance by Raumschiff Engelmayr

THURSDAY, 11. April
– Experiential Yoga. Workshop by Linda Samaraweerová
– The eggs, mothers and clothes folding ritual. Performance and cook by Jasmin Hoffer
– 1000 musical sweets. Music and performance by Elisabeth Kelvin

FRIDAY, 12. April
– 11 Aj. Cook and eat performance by Dafne Moreno
– La mesa. Performance by Guadalupe Aldrete / Miña Tarilonte
– DJ Dafnerin

SATURDAY, 13. April
3pm – 6pm
– Cook your brain, eat your shit and clean your street. Workshop by Robert Steijn
– Snake dance appearance. Performance by Robert Steijn
– Cook & eat. DJ Dafnerin

SUNDAY, 14. April
– Same, same. Performance by Maxim Ilyukhin
– Cook, eat & cocktails with Alejandro Jodorowsky`s film „Holy Mountain“ (1973)

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