Entkunstung / ephemera


With: Rolando Hernández/ Melanie Maar/ Christian Konrad Schröder with William ‚Bilwa‘ Costa


August 12th, 8:00pm

ENTKUNSTUNG Performance is an event series interested in intimate, institution free, performance experiences with body, sound and communication at its base. Ephemera and evidence, traces in both directions: disrupting the present, constituting the future while unmasking the past.

<<< back / vibration / materiality / the unseen / the heard / the subtle / trace / echoes | reminiscence / audience-performer consent / sensing as radical evidence /

Organized by ENTKUNSTUNG & Melanie Maar

supported by Nada Lokal

Entry: by donation | suggested Euro 5-10


Melanie Maar

is a Viennese artist based in New York City. An intimacy between knowing and not knowing, structure and meaning, movement and sound, animalism and humanism, femaleism and objectism, repetition and novelty guides her relationship to the performative contexts and its collaborators. She currently works on a project called Line Death Dance at NY’s The Chocolate Factory Theater. Continuous collaborations with sound artists include Kenta Nagai, Christian Schroeder, Anaïs Maviel, Masters of Ceremony and Sir Anthony Braxton. 2015 she was awarded the Grant to Artists from The Foundation for Contemporary Arts. Her work has also been presented at IMpulstanz Wien, Berlin, Mexico and NY where she is leading her -Process as Guide- study group. Recently she taught at Movement Research, The New School and TanzQuartier Vienna. www.melaniemaar.com

Rolando Hernández

His practice takes different tools from archive research, curatorship, writing, composition and art production. Since 2013 he is director and curator of Umbral, a project space and festival which gathers sound practices in the present. Since 2015 he runs the artistic institution CCADDASM (Centro de Creación Archivo y Difusión de Documentos de Arte Sonoro en México) which has created different projects to create an alternate historiography of sound practices in Mexico. Rolando is preparing his first exhibition in Europe: Ensayos Performativos in Zentrale (Viena); a research project about confession rituals in Dar Jacir (Palestine) and the curatorship of the first retrospective exhibition of Manfred Werder in Mx City.

Christian Konrad Schröder

lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Since 2012 he is co-running the „Rauschen-Space“ as a member of „Kollektiv Rauschen“, an interdisciplinary artist group based in Vienna. “Ausgehend von einem Mikroklima einzelner Geräusche und Töne lässt Schröder seine Klangfetzen und Kleinstpartikel wachsen, reflektieren und schließlich zu mächtigen Wolken kumulieren, die er vor seinem Publikum auftürmt, um sie alsbald in Gewitterstärke niederkommen zu lassen.“ www.ckonrad.net

William “Bilwa” Costa

is an artist who works in the performing, sound, and visual arts contexts. His work includes: performance, installation, experimental / electro-acoustic music, sound art, field recordings, real-time composition, graphic scores and conceptual structures for sound and movement. Collaboration with other artists is essential to his work. He works internationally, generating research, labs, workshops, and performance projects, actively cultivating opportunities for artists to work together on new interdisciplinary experiments. Currently based in Berlin, Bilwa has performed this project in duo, trio, and group ensembles, led workshops, and has lectured in N. America, UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia. www.williambilwacosta.com