Michael Goldgruber (AT)


10. 06. 2009 19-22h, 7-10pm

Michael Goldgruber – fasziniert von Apparaturen und Architekturen des Konsums von Panorama und Aussicht – ist in Form von Fotografie, Malerei und Video auf der Spur der Medialisierung von Landschaftswahrnehmung. Konstruktionen aus Stahl, Beton oder Holz als Direktiven des Blickes vor atemberaubenden Panoramen; das romantische Leitmotiv des Erhabenen als Argument für perzeptive bis ideologische Territorialbesetzung. read more >>>

Andrea Maurer & Thomas Brandstätter (AT)

www. studio-5. at

Socializing on the ground of a gallery, testing some western european goods, cars and japanese as well as northern american digital technology, assembled in china, checking out bio-food, bananas and beer from the european union, from catholic austria and some snacks from germany. Small and bigs things and medium size and large things and things we could make or buy.Some art, maybe, among goods, mostly goods, goods and craftsmenship. Casual interventions by performers, of course there will be performers present, some completely relaxed, some tired, some just for a moment, and some at work. read more >>>

Francisca Benitez (CH/US)


Eröffnung / Opening:28.03.2009, 17-20h
Ausstellung / Exhibition: 29.03. – 04.04.2009

Benitez‘ work investigates and comments on the ways individuals, groups and society inhabit space. During the course of 2008 she has developed a body of work that pays close attention to the floor, doing graphite rubbings where infrastructure, history, politics and personal narratives intersect. Property Lines, the centerpiece of this exhibition, is a collection of 74 rubbings of different property line floor markings in New York Cityʼs sidewalks: read more >>>