United Sorry


Tuesday April 15th 2012 at 7:30

Frans Poelstra & Robert Steijn together with Martin Siewert and Matthias Meinharter

Does this time need a space where one can be spontaneous, physical, even can fail and at the same time be entertaining in a whimsical way?

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Walk About-Talk About Leaving


March 2nd to 29th 2012 at 7:30

Barbara Kraus im Gespräch mit: Jack Hauser, Rita Trattnigg, Thomas Haderlapp, Claudia Heu und Johanna Kirsch

5 WeggefährtInnen, 4 Wege, 4 Gespräche über die Sehnsucht nach dem Aufbruch

Wege entstehen dadurch, dass man sie geht … (Franz Kafka)

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Tuesday February 24th 2012 at 7:30

Sarah Maria Rechberger

Ein Gewebe. Ohne Grenzen.
Solange es genährt wird, verbreitet es sich.
Eine Spore. Viele Sporen.

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star at hi w


February 21th to 24th 2012

Itay Dekel

what is art
that is war


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Katherina Zakravsky


Tuesday February 24th 2012 at 7:30

Katherina Zakravsky, Chris Standfest, Michael Loizenbauer

An ihren Früchten werdet ihr sie erkennen. (Mt. 7.16)
The Reverend comes around again
First Sermon

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Wohnung. Miryam.van.Doren. mobil.2012


January 16th to 21th 2012

Jack Hauser, Sabine Holzer

Es gibt die Wohnung Miryam van Doren und es gibt die [Ort].

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Konzert / Concert

28.09.2011, 19.30 at na daLokal

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Akemi Takeya (JP/AT)

Little stories about SOS, solo version

26. November 2011 um 19.30, na daLokal

Concept & Performance: Akemi Takeya

Visual Design: Rodo Izumiyama

Production Management: Lisa Schmidt

SchmidtProduction: IMEKA 2011

www. akemitakeya. com

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Fran Benitez (CL/USA) , Lokal.int (CH) und Kollaborateure (AT)

29. Oktober 2011 um 19.30, na daLokal

Fran Benitez (CL/USA)

ORO DULCE, is an intimate immersion in an agrarian artisanal production process in Chile, aiming to generate a discussion about new forms of urban-rural habitability in a territory of growing interconnectivity and hybridization, in a land that shakes and with an increasingly globalized culture. read more >>>

Kollaborateure (AT)- work in progress

A dance oracle in collaboration with Lisa Hinterreithner, Valerie Oberleithner, Amanda Pina, Martina Ruhsam

The collaborators are in pursuit of misterious practices that distinguish themselves by the unpredictability of their course. (They are involved in a net of proliferating associations and instructions that seem chaotic but are totally structured.) They don ́t stand for a common mission, but they persue singular practices in which they allow the others to partake and to assist. They prepare for a wild future by encountering forms of being beyond the status quo. In order to get access to them, they practice the ritual of the ghostboard – also called „Vunx“ by the collaborators. read more >>>